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Amino Dog

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  • 90 stk. tabletter kr. 149,-
  • 270 stk. tabletter kr. 349,-
  • 450 stk. tabletter kr. 499,-
  • 1250 stk. tabletter kr. 1099,-

200g kr. 299,- svarer til 400 piller 

500g kr. 599,- svarer til 1000 piller

Dolfos multivitamin og mineral

Multical contains vitamins, amino acids, as well as micro and macro nutrients necessary to the proper development and functioning of a dog’s body. They are all optimally balanced in terms of their proportions and amount. The product improves general shape, prevents from mineral and vitamin shortages, improves immunity, enhances digestion, improves hair condition and reproductive capacities. 

It is recommended for dogs of any age and breed, and especially pregnant and nursing bitches.

  • 500 g. pris 149,-
  • 700g
  • 1000g​


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